Draconis tales chapter 31

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Draconis tales chapter 31

Amethyst looked at the creatures in front of him, a wyvern, a rock drake, a glowtail, a managarmr, and a... Bright blue direwolf for some reason.

"Why does that wolf glow?" He asked the dragons, "he sniffed some sort of blue stuff that moths were giving to a tree in return for food" the managarmr replied, "uh... Ok" he said.

"So, why have you come here?" Amethyst said "long story short, whe're here to overthrow your leader to stop her armies of mindless scaly locusts that spit dangerous substances from destroying the world" the wyvern said, "oh, ok, well I'll be happy to help" Amethyst replied. "Wait, what? You'd be happy to help us overthrow your queen?!" The rock drake said "sure, it's no secret that after she's done getting rid of the other species, she's going to kill every crystal wyvern that's not part of the hivemind, well, it is a secret actually, but I have a way of... Bypassing... Secrets"

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