The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

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The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

Chapter thirty.

The twins woke up the next morning. It was snowy outside, a beautiful day. They walked into the kitchen to see their mother and Josephina making breakfast. Arianna set grits and bacon on the table. “Mmm.” Jack said, reaching for a piece of bacon. *Slap!* “Ow!” Jack exclaimed. Arianna had slapped his hand. “No, no you’re going to wait like everybody else.” She said. The front door opened and Aragorn walked in, wiping snow from his boots. “Chilly weather.” He commented. Arianna pointed to a cup of coffee. “Thanks.” He said. They all sat down to eat. Aragorn said the blessing and then they began. *Ding, dong!* *Ding dong, ding dong!* Aragorn sighed and opened the door to see Helen. She gave him a grim smile. “You need to be in the town square all of you.” Helen said. “The mayors are making a announcement and want everyone to be there.” Aragorn nodded. “Fine.” He closed the door in her face. After breakfast they met up with Emma and Andrew and headed to the town square. Everyone was already waiting their for some reason. As if they were waiting. For the Petersons. The executioner spotted them first. “Mayors the Petersons are here!” Michael and his brothers smiled. “Good! Time for hanging!” Michael said. “Seize them!” Mike cried. Immediately peacekeepers surrounded them and seized them. Aragorn suddenly realized what was happening and started struggling against the guards. It took seventeen men to hold him down, and even then they were struggling. “People of this…wonderful city…we will be having a hanging today! Arianna and Aragorn Peterson! Leave the children, may this be a lesson to them!” Michael exclaimed loudly. The crowd began to speak among themselves. “Let Arianna go first!” Mickie said. They wanted Arianna to go first because they hated Aragorn and wanted to make his suffer by watching his wife die. The peacekeepers dragged Arianna and Aragorn over to the hanging booth. They wrapped the ropes around their necks. Aragorn struggled even more mightily as they put the ropes around Arianna. “No,no!” He groaned desperately. “Any last words?” Mike asked her. Arianna turned to her children and husband and smiled gently then slowly sweetly began to sing: “when peace like a river attendth my ways, when sorrows like sea billows roll. Whatever my lot thou has taught me to say it is well, it is well with my soul. It is well, with my soul, it is well…with my soul. It is well, it is well with my soul.” She ended it on that note. “I love you all.” She said to her family. “She looked Aragorn in the eyes. “It’s okay.” She said. Aragorn’s eyes filled with tears. “No.” He whispered. The executioner pulled the lever and The plank under Arianna dropped and she fell. She was gone…just like that. “Nooo! Mommy!” Josephina cried. “It’s all my fault.” Emma said. Aragorn was next. “Any last words?” Michael asked smugly. “You’ll pay for this!” Aragorn said. Michael grinned. “I doubt it. Anything else?” Michael asked. “Yes.” Aragorn said. Michael waited. Aragorn spat in Michael face. Michael wiped the spit off his face. “Ugh! Get rid of him!” The board under Aragorn dropped and then he was dead, his eyes lifeless. The Peterson children and Andrew began to cry. “Let this be a lesson to all of you!” Mickie shouted. Andrew held Jack and Jay back at they tried to get to the mayors. “It’s no use. They’ll just get rid of you to.” Andrew said.

The mayors gathered together. “I’ve gotten news from the British. They’ve come to bomb the city!” Mickie said. “Good it’ll give us a chance to…start the town over.” Michael said. “What about Emma?” Mike asked. “Forget her. There will be prettier girls. Now let’s head to the bomb shelter!” Michael said to his brothers. There was a secret bomb shelter underneath the mayors house that only the mayors and some peacekeepers knew about. So while everyone else got bombed….well you get the point.

Until next time! The next chapter is the bomb! LOL, sorry I couldn’t help it.


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