The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

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The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

Chapter twenty eight.

Emma and Andrew went on several dates together and it was clear to everyone that they had fallen in love. Andrew walked home one day after a date with Emma. They had gotten home a way before the thirty minute bell had rang so Andrew wandered around the town till he came to a small shop which various items were sold. “Hi Mrs. Lois!” Andrew called to the owner/cashier/manager. The old lady nodded at him but did not smile. Mrs Lois was very old and she had been in the city for years, she was very devoted to the mayors and it’s city. She was very reserved and stern, a no nonsense person. “Hello Andrew. What are you looking for today?” She asked in a shaky voice. “Well I was…uh…looking for a…um…rings? Like engagement rings?” Andrew replied. Mrs. Lois pointed toward a corner of the shop. “Their over there. Be quick about it, I’m about to close up.” Andrew hurried over to where the rings were and looked through them. Gleaming, glittering, shiny,sparkly, diamond rings. Finally Andrew found one he thought she would like. A silver ring with a diamond flower on top. He carefully took it over to Mrs. Lois. “How much is it?” He asked her. She told him the price. Andrew pulled out a small wad of cash. “Will this be enough?” She nodded. “Yes” And so Andrew bought it and headed home knowing his mission for the next day. He couldn’t wait any longer.

There was no school the next day so Andrew hurried over to the Peterson’s house. He rang the doorbell. Arianna opened it. She smiled at the sight of Andrew. “Hi Andrew! Emma’s not here. She’s with her friends I think.” Arianna said. “Good, there’s something I need to talk to you and Mr.Peterson about.” Andrew said. She led him inside to the living room. Aragorn was already seated in there, drinking a steaming cup of coffee. “What is it?” Aragorn asked once Arianna and Andrew were seated. “I need to ask y’all, can I…have your daughter’s hand in marriage?” Andrew asked. “I love her more than life! And not just because she’s pretty but she’s also smart, and kind, and gentle. I know we haven’t really known each other long, just a few months but please, please, I love her with all my heart.” Andrew pleaded desperately. Arianna and Aragorn looked at each other startled. “Whatever my husband believes is right is fine with me.” Arianna said. Aragorn sighed. “So…you’ve come to take my daughter away?……” Aragorn asked. Aragorn didn’t say anything for a few minutes. Andrew started to get nervous and then finally Aragorn spoke up. “Fine, we will give you our blessing…but…” Aragorn stood up and crossed the room to Andrew and said: “Be true.” They shook hands.

That night Emma and Andrew had another date. Emma couldn’t help but feel that Andrew was distracted. He hardly answered her questions and had a hard time paying attention to her. “Andrew are you okay?” She finally asked him. Andrew nodded. “Emma, there’s something important I need to ask you.” He said. Emma’s heart leapt. He took her hand and they stood up together. “Emma..” he began, then sank down to one knee. “Emma, I’ve loved you since the day we’ve met. I can’t stand one more minute without you. Please, will you marry me?” Andrew asked her. He pulled out a ring. It shone in the moonlight. Emma couldn’t say anything for a second. “Yes.” She whispered. “What?” Andrew asked, she had spoke so softly he didn’t hear her. “Yes!” She said. Andrew’s face lit up with joy. He took her hand and slipped the ring on her finger then rose and…they kissed. It was a long kiss, filled with love. Finally they broke apart and Andrew gazed into her eyes. He lovingly caressed her face. “I love you.” He whispered. “I love you more.” She whispered back. They kissed again then gathered up their stuff and headed home. He walked her to her door. “Good night my love.” She said softly then headed inside where her family met her with joyous proclamations.

One person was not joyful though. Michael had been watching them and he was not happy at all. Andrew had took Emma from him. Michael heart filled with blackness. They would pay. They would all pay. Starting with the Petersons. In time of course. He gave an evil grin. Their time would come and he would be waiting. One little mess up and it all would go down.

I hope y’all liked this chapter.


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