Dodo tales (Ep24 S1)

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Dodo tales (Ep24 S1)

Rick was picked up by the Giga, and shaken around. Jerry looked back and noticed this, so he signaled Ares. Ares shot the Giga's.... (once again, I'm not going into detail)

It roared, and dropped Rick. He ran and made it. "Don't worry, the armor protected me" he told the others. They closed the doors and locked them. "We're safe now" Jerry stated "are you?" Said a voice. "Come on man, you again" Jerry responded. "Let us go and we won't tell anyone your dumb plans to take over the Ark" "I'm afraid it's not that easy" he told Jerry. Guards came in and surrounded them. "What a shame, I really wanted to see you get eaten, but I suppose it couldn't hurt to kill you myself."

The next thing they knew was that they were back in the Arena, but they had no armor or weapons. Then, the man came out, with shining flak armor up to his neck, and the longest pike that Jerry had ever seen. They ran, but the man threw a bola at Eden. He cried out, and fell to the ground...

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