Dodo Tales (Ep18 S1) crystal lands person, if your going…

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Dodo Tales (Ep18 S1) crystal lands person, if your going for reincarnation and hiveminds, then I can do this very violent scene. Do NOT read this if you can't handle blood very well.

"Sir, we caught one of them, the strongest and bravest as far as we know." A guard said

"One? ONE?! If either of the others know of my plans, then it won't matter" said a deep voice "sir give me one more chance, I'm

s- sure I ca-"

The guard found both of his hands held together tightly

"If two is not that much of a problem then this shouldn't be either." He said pulling out a small knife. "N- no sir, it's so small"

He did it so fast the guard didn't even notice, and he turned around and walked away, looking back and saying "a cut could bring down a mountain, we're all just too blind to see it." He looked back at the man who was laying dead in a puddle of his own blood, with a cut across his wrists...

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