Dodo tales (Ep15 S1)

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Dodo tales (Ep15 S1)

"Now are we safe?" Eden asked

"Probably not" Rick replied

"Look!" Said Jerry, pointing at men running towards them with pikes.

"Maybe they don't see us" said Eden. Then Rick threw the rock, which was still covered in blood. It hit one of the men in the face, making his head jerk back, breaking his neck.

"I didn't know you were this brutal" said Jerry as the remaining three men came closer. "Anyone have any other weapons?" Asked Jerry

"Nope" said Rick as he ran for his life. They ran until they came to a huge opening with a 30 foot drop, with a river at the bottom. "Should we jump?" Asked Eden

"It looks so far though" said Jerry.

Rick shoved both of them as the men grabbed him. "It's too late for me!" Yelled Rick. "I promise we'll come back for you!!" Shouted Jerry in reply...

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