My Sword is My Life

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My Sword is My Life

Chapter 7

By: DoomPhoenix

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In the capital, Zak and Taylor trained at the training grounds for a few hours before Taylor said "We can find them." "Yeah, I was thinking that. I have a house here, although I don't stay there often." Putting their weapons away, they went to Zak's house. Holding hands, they focused their power, "They're... at a moldy cabin in the middle of the woods, I know where they are!" Zak exclaimed. "Follow me." Running out of the house and into the woods, they went southeast. Finding the old, moldy cabin, they entered it. In the basement they found the other two. "Really? You got stuck here to? The stairs are collapsed because of me, how did you miss it?" A man and woman stood at the bottom of the shattered stairs, looking up at him "Zak?" The man said, "I thought I felt your presence, but that was hours ago." Zak jumped down into the basement and hugged them both. "It's been awhile." "Yeah, nearly two years. I've missed you, Leo and Annie."


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