A tale of dragons and dilos chp.1

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A tale of dragons and dilos chp.1

An old survivor called the children 'round him at the statue of the achatina and said

"Children I will now tell you a tale, a tale of dragons and dilos, a tale of ARK.

James woke up and looked around, he was on a beach, a large scaly animal with three horns was walking near him. He noticed something in his arm it was diamond shaped and glowing. When he went near the animal his implant said 'Triceratops, herbivore, neutral aggression, medium sized dinosaur.' this confused James. I think this is enough for now. Children, meet me at the statue of the allosaurus(aka chp. 2 is at the allosaurus page) tomorrow." The survivor stood up climbed on a raptor nearby and rode into the forest

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