My Sword is My Life

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My Sword is My Life

Chapter 9

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Zak and the others stood before the full might of The Monarch, four thousand soldiers. "We can do this." Zak said. "Four against four thousand, easy." Annie said. The battle began.

Zak beheaded one soldier, stabbed another in the heart, and split another in half. One soldier with a sword charged Zak, who stabbed through her chin and into her brain. Zak spun around, slicing his immediate surrounds in half, covering himself in blood. Shredding through the soldiers, he didn't even need his demons.

Taylor Shot a soldier in the heart, another in the head and shot through a bunch of soldiers with a single arrow. She began to fire multiple arrows at once which rained down into the soldiers, killing many. Volley after volley she threw the soldiers into a panic. Blood ran across the ground in waves.

Leo sliced and diced through the soldiers whoth his wickedly sharp knives. Running through the soldiers he stabbed and sliced through the soldiers, blood spurting here and there and everywhere. Those that didn't die immediately died of the fast-acting poison on his blades.

Annie fired off round after round into the crowd, soldiers dropping like flies under her bullets. A couple of the enemy soldiers with pistols tried fixing at her and Taylor but they dodged the bullets and dropped those soldiers. After her first magazines were empty she ejected them and inserted the next magazines which had an explosive tip.

Two death-filledbhours later, the soldiers were all dead, the grass of the courtyard stained red with an ocean of blood. Entering the throne room, the party confronted The Monarch.

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