My Sword is My Life

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My Sword is My Life

Chapter 3

By: DoomPhoenix

Previous chapter is in allo, Q&A at red dye

Zaknar calmed down and returned to normal "It's getting worse," he muttered sadly, "I have to turn more frequently." He sheathed his sword and resumed his watch, wide awake.

The next day, Sindan flew over to him, "Why didn't you come to wake me for my turn for the watch?" "I wasn't sleepy." He said. Zaknar stood up and began to take down the camp. Later, while walking through the woods, they encountered a party of The Monarch's soldiers. They spotted Sindan, sitting on Zaknar's shoulder, they drew weapons just as Zaknar drew his sword, two had knives, four had swords, and 4 had pistols. Zak lunged at one of the pistol-wielders, who ducked, avoiding Zak's swing, the soldier then fired at Zak and struck his left arm.

Sindan jumped into the air and landed on one of the knife-wielder's shoulder and set a curse on him, the soldier struck at Sindan, stabbing her leg.

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