My Sword is My Life

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My Sword is My Life

Chapter 5

By: DoomPhoenix

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Sore all over, Zaknar woke up. Groaning, he got up, inspecting his unfamiliar surroundings, noticing a town not to far away, he headed towards it. In the town, he got a room at the local inn, and asked where he was. He was at The Long Horse Inn, at the town of Shinjn, near the capital city. Zak's sword was getting dull, so he went to the training grounds, where there were all kinds of tools for all kinds of weapons. Grabbing a whetstone, he began to sharpen his sword until it could cut through rock like it was air, it was a sword of the finest enchanted titanium. It was nearly dusk then, so Zak headed back to his room. In his room he turned for a minute, 'so that doesn't happen again.' The next day, Zak headed back through the forest towards the capital. In the middle of scrambling over some rocks, he saw someone he never thought he would see again. "Taylor?"

Sorry for the short chapter πŸ™ƒ

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