My Sword is My Life

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My Sword is My Life

Chapter 2

By: DoomPhoenix

Previous chapter is in Diplo, also their will be mild cursing

The tunnel led outside, where Zaknar and Sindan headed through the forest, Sindan sat on Zaknar's shoulder, tired from flying far distances. "You need to hide somehow," Zaknar said, "we will reach a town soon." "I'll wait in the forest." Zaknar went into the town and bought supplies, food, water, and camping supplies.

* * *

Zaknar set up their camp in a clearing, while Sindan made a fire. She cooked their dinner while Zaknar kept watch, he sat at the edge of their camp, thinking.

"Sindan?" "Yes?" "We will need more than just the two of us to kill The Monarch, y'know." "Yeah." Soon after, Sindan went to bed. Zaknar drew his sword and stared into the mirror-like blade, his brown eye burning with anger. Suddenly his eye turned red, his veins black. "Damn The Monarch!" He said.

Chapter 3 will be in Moschops.

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