My Sword is My Life

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My Sword is My Life

Chapter 1(Prologue is in red dye, I recommend reading it)

By: DoomPhoenix

Zaknar was walking through the forest when he came upon a small, decaying wood cabin, black mold covering most of the rotting oaken building. He stepped through the broken door and into the cabin, his black boots stirring up a cloud of dust, his brown eyes scanned the small thing, dim light, filtered through the curtains, illuminated broken furniture, blood, three fly-covered half- decayed bodies and a rbrokem chest, Zaknar almost choked on the smell.

"This poor family," he said as he moved into the other room where there was a mold-covered bed, another wrecked dresser, and stairs leading to a basement. He was walking towards the stairs when suddenly a breeze blew up the stairs, rustling his black hair and black denim jacket. He narrowed his in suspicion. As he was walking down the stairs they collapsed suddenly, he landed on his back, knocking the wind out of him. Zaknar lay there for a minute, recovering his breath, he groaned and looked into the rest of what looked like a wine cellar, two glowing eyes staring at him. He quickly got up and drew the sword at his hip.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you." It said.

"Did you kill the family up there?" Zak asked.

"No, it was a bear," it sighed, "poor family."

"What are you?" Zak asked.

"I'm a fairy, my name is Sindan," Sindan said, "what's yours?'

"I'm Zaknar. What's a fairy doing in this decayed cabin?"

"I'm resting, we fairies are being prosecuted by the monarch, I've had to fly far."

"Well, I'm out to kill the monarch, end his tyrannical reign. Would you like to help?." Zak asked.

Zaknar walked around the cabin inspecting and found a tunnel out.

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