My Sword is My Life

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My Sword is My Life

Chapter 6

By: DoomPhoenix

Previous chapter is in pteranadon, questions and comments should be in red dye, next chapter is in baryonyx. Oh and Zak is like 22


Zak scrambled the rest of the way over the rocks and jumped down the two or so feet to a woman. She was about 23, had blue eyes, black hair, and was nearly six feet tall. She was wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, and black and blue shoes. "How are you?" They asked at the same time. "I'm good." Zak said. "Me too." Taylor said. "How are the others?" Zak asked. "I don't know, I left soon after you did, but I overheard them discussing leaving. You, mister, need to be more careful, I felt you lose control." "Damn, I can't even remember it. But I need to get it under control again." They began walking towards the capital while chatting idly. "I want to kill The Monarch, to do that, I need help," Zak said, "wanna come, first we need the others." "Yeah, I'll come."

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