. . . Inevitability (Ep5) - captured...again? Eden…

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Inevitability (Ep5) - captured...again?

Eden once again woke up.

It was a dimly lit room, and it was cold.

The door opened, hitting the wall and then bouncing back to close. Loud footsteps followed.

It was then that Eden realized he was captured. His group had been attacked and they either retreated or were all killed or taken here.

The figure walked down the hall, dragging a hand along each bar, making small repeated thud.

The figure stopped abruptly and reached down, pulling out a small handgun and raising it to the air.

Eden covered his ears as the figure pulled the trigger and everyone in the cages around him jerked awake.

"Good morning everyone." The figure said, lowering the gun back to its holster.

"Listen up, this is how it's gonna go. You tell me your job, I choose if I need you."

Everyone looked confused.

The figure rolled its eyes, and said

"You tell me your job or I kill you, understand?"

The stranger went around and talked to people, before coming to Eden.

"What's your job?"

"Me?" asked Eden, as his eyes nervously darted around the room to other people.

"Yes you!" The man yelled with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"I'm a medic."

"A medic? Ok." The man finally said, before moving on to talk to the woman across from him.

Eden glanced at a soldier, who mouthed the word "help" with fear in his eyes.

Eden looked for Reaper, but saw no sign of him and considered that he might have been killed. How could such a young and innocent person be forced into the army In the first place?

Suddenly the cage door opened and two soldiers dragged him down the hall. "We've decided to talk to you." Said the same man from earlier, after talking to the last prisoner.

After dragging Eden to a different room, they let go of him and forced him into a chair. "Leave us." The man told the soldiers who had dragged Eden.

Eden realized the man was wearing full black.

"Do you know why I brought you here?" Asked the man, repeatedly tapping the back of his handgun with a finger.

"No." Replied Eden, his eyes moving to the gun.

"We recognized you...at least...I did."

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