Toxic Tales: Chapter 4

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Toxic Tales: Chapter 4

Into the Woods

"We should walk instead of flying, it's quieter," Elpis called.

"Good idea," Achelois responded. The pair landed and began to walk through the woods, heading East.

The sounds of troodons shrieking filled the air, occasionally Elpis saw their glowing eyes peering curiously through the undergrowth. It reminded her of something she didn't want to remember.

"Are you alright? You look worried," Achelois asked.

"I'm fine," Elpis whispered.

"You sure?" Achelois questioned.

"Positive," Elpis whispered, starting to get irritated.

"OK, if somethings wrong you can tell me," Achelois responded.

"I know" Elpis noticed that the shrieking had stopped, they never stop unless something was happening.

"Achelois, stop!" Elpis yelled.

"Whats wrong," Achelois responded.

"Somethings wrong, the troodons stopped shrieking, that only happens when something is coming," Elpis said quickly.

"I saw a cave a little ways back if you want to hide out there."

"Alright, come on we need to be quick." They ran through the woods until they found the cave, and climbed into it. After a few minutes of hiding they saw a pack of allosaurus run over.

"I swear I saw them over here," a pale orange allo said.

"Well you lost them," said a large red allo, "let's go back to those parasaurs."

"Or did I?" said the orange allo as he walked closer to the cave, "look at that," he said smelling the entrance of the cave. Elpis and Achelois crept backwards as quietly as possible. The allos got closer and Elpis hit the back of the cave, they were cornered.

"There they are," yelled the red allo, "I thought you said they were smaller," she yelled.

"I thought they were I couldn't see them well," the orange allo snapped.

"Don't come any closer!" Elpis yelled, fully spreading her frills.

"Or what?" yelled the red allo.

Achelois shot poison in front of the red allo. Elpis got ready to blast more poison at the allo. The orange allo charged forward at Achelois, Elpis shot the poison, just missing his head, when she felt her head get pushed down, pinning her to the ground. Achelois was ready to hit the allo with her poison.

"I don't think that's very wise said the red allo leaning down into the perfect position to bite Elpis's neck.

"I will make on offer to you though, if you get us off this island and onto the mainland we'll let you go, if not, well..." She closed her mouth just enough that Elpis whinced at the feeling of her teeth digging into her scales.

"We'll do it," Achelois responded quickly, "just let her go."

The allo moved her head up to look at Achelois, "alright but if you break our deal I won't be letting her go next time."

"Ok, the sun's rising though and if we move during the day a patrol will catch us."

"Set camp," yelled the allo, "Diana, take Asclepius out hunting, he needs practice. Tomorrow at sunset we'll leave, if we move fast enough we'll make it to the mainland in a few days. Until then, Ares, guard these wyverns, we can't have our ticket off this island flying away.

- Sol

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