Toxic Tales: Chapter 10

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Toxic Tales: Chapter 10


"Tomorrow morning you take us all across the strait," the troodon repeated.

"We'll do it," Achelois responded.

"Good, we'll keep this little one with us for now, we won't lay a claw on him," he snarled as they escorted the hatchling away.

Moirae paced around the camp as Elpis tried to sleep, Achelois was too busy talking to the allos to pay attention to her, they liked her more then Elpis, who believed that it was how Achelois wasn't as intimidating, her deep green scales with even deeper green wings couldn't be compared to Elpis's scar coated scales and tattered frill and wings, Elpis didn't understand how anyone could even look at her without pointing out that she's the most hideous wyvern in the chasem.

She finally fell asleep, once she did she saw someone she never wanted to see again, "how's my little disappointment?" Asked Elpis's father.

"So Asclepius wasn't lying, the dead can speak," she mumbled.

"What's wrong, didn't you miss me?"

"Not for a second, you've never done anything for anyone besides yourself."

"You know that's a lie, I tried to teach you to fight when I dumped you in the woods, but you couldn't even fight a troodon, even your mother could do that."

"What are you here to tell me?"

"The truth, your mother told you I disappeared didn't she? She killed me, I was sleeping and she tore out my throat, then she dumped me in the woods, she left me there to die, I couldn't speak and I could barely more."

"You're lieing."

"Then what's this?" He lifted his head up, revealing a large scar, it was the bite of a poison wyvern.

"That was probably the best thing she's ever done."

"What makes you say that? Is it that night, how would I know you would be mauled by troodons?"

She woke up feeling something sharp on her tail, she turned her head to see a blue troodon missing feathers on half his face, "we meet again little wyvern."

- Sol

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