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I wrote the dirt story, but nobody saw it, so here it is:

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I wrote the dirt story, but nobody saw it, so here it is:


Once there was a clump of dirt. He was lazy, and loved to sit in the sun all day. One windy night however, he was washed into a dark sewer. "How will I ever get out?" He thought to himself. Soon, he found an alligator. "Hello. can I help you?" He asked the dirt. "How do I escape?" The dirt responded. "Why would you ever want to escape such a wonderful place? Here, let me show you around" the alligator then said "my name Is jeff" the dirt soon found that he could not escape and he was stuck there for all of eternity, because Jeff was actually an evil demon, who tortured him with immortality so that he could never die, but every day was more miserable than the last.

-yay I love happy endings! D.T.G.

BTW TCLP, I'm still deciding which name to pick, but I'm leaning towards Nightfall, just saying

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