The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Nerva’s Story Part Seven

By Red Dragon

Nerva had faced down a giant monster, watched that giant monster fight a tusoteuthis, and waged an all-out war, he thought he saw it all. But he never would have thought in a million years that a kapro could scare off something that big, let alone talk. But now they needed a plan. Finally Nerva asked “Have you seen a group of humans? A big group, with lots of pet dinosaurs?” “Yes, in fact they have a castle over in the dunes”, the kapro responded. “We can’t siege a castle on our own.” Christopher said. “Is there anyone that can help us?” Nerva asked. “Maybe, no humans, but maybe the Wyvern King and his army.” “Worth a shot.” Christopher said. “Okay, follow me.” When the trench got into eyeshot, two wyvern came and looked at them. Any species could recognize that look. “Follow us”, it meant. They knew they were just lucky to be alive. They brought them to the king, and the king and the other two wyverns exchanged growls and hisses. They were communicating. Suddenly in a loud, snake-like voice the king asked, “Why have you come to my trench?” “We seek help. I’m sure Tyrana has been giving you trouble too.” “Yes, she and her army has.” “Well, I propose an alliance. We siege Tyrana’s castle.” The king pondered this for a moment. The silence was broken by a familiar roar. Goliath. “And we can release Goliath on them too.” The king pondered this some more. “I accept”, he finally said.

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