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The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Nerva’s Story

Part four

An Icthyosornis came and it had a letter in its beak. Nerva opened the letter and it read “Sir, a village was attacked over in the redwoods. We don’t know what it was. Should we investigate? -General Johnson” Nerva wrote a replying letter saying no, he will investigate, and gave it to the Icthyosornis. Nerva and half of his troops got back on their rafts, and sailed to the closest land. Suddenly, four Carnotaurus attacked. They weren’t wild, they had saddles. Nerva caught a glimpse of someone, and knew who it was. They were a Li. Who else would have the guts to attack him? Two Carnotaurus fell, and the carnos and Li retreated. Nerva instructed some of his men to pursue them, but he didn’t pursue because he was interested in what destroyed the village. They continued their march into the swamp...

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