I’m surprised no one has made a myth about this yet.

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I’m surprised no one has made a myth about this yet.

Giganatosaurus Devourus

The Giganatosaurus Devourus was a species of Giga that was only known to live on Scorched Earth and Ragnarok. They were so huge, some could even take on Titanosaurs. They are now extinct, thankfully, but it is unknown what killed them. You can find skeletons of them scattered around scorched earth and Ragnarok. Some say the overseers chose one to become the guardian of another Ark and killed off the rest. Whatever the case, they still haunt the nightmares of survivors.

You can use Giganatosaurus Devourus, but only in two ways, otherwise it won’t make sense.

1. Your story takes place during the far past and also takes place on Ragnarok or Scorched earth.

2. You make up a new Ark (But I kind of want to do that after I finish the Allo Tooth Necklace so ask me first.) and make it the Guardian of that Ark.

-Red Dragon

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