Tyrannosaurus Gigan

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Tyrannosaurus Gigan

Sneak peek for The Allo Tooth Necklace!

The “Raiders” as the Tooth Bearers called them, had not just wanted to raid the inhabitants of The Island, they wanted to rule them. To do this, they knew they had to have a weapon more powerful than the Bearers could handle. They created a cross-breed between Giganatosaurus and Tyrannosaurus, and created the species Tyrannosaurus Gigan. It has the loyalty of a Tyrannosaurus, so it won’t attack its rider when angry. It combines the ferocity and size of a Giganatosaurus with the Loyalty and biting force of a Tyrannosaurus. This combination of two of the top predators of The Island makes it the Ultimate fighting machine, but with weaknesses, such as its clumsiness due to having Tyrannosaurus sized legs and Giganatosaurus sized arms, so it has some slight balance issues.

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