The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

The final chapter

By Red Dragon

Nerva washed up on shore. He was almost dead. A compy walked up next to him collapsed on the ground, and just stared. It was curious about Nerva. It called out, and it’s pack mates came. He could tell they were about to attack, when a trike scared them all away. He had lost his army, his Argentavis, and almost his life. He had no weapons, very damaged armor, and many wounds. He staggered to his feet, and regained the strength to walk again. He looked back at the trike. He could tame it, as it would protect him and he was in no position to fight. He carved a bow, bits of cloth for a scarf and to cover his armor from the hot sun so he wouldn’t die of hyperthermia, and made some tranqs. He tamed the trike, and named him “Spike”. He hunted a couple raptors with horn, and made a saddle. It was crude, but it worked. He rode into the jungle and thought to himself. Maybe this was good. Maybe it was a sign from the gods. He would wander with Spike through the forest. No. He would reclaim his throne.

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