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Here’s a story about my first stegosaurus tame: I…

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Here’s a story about my first stegosaurus tame: I decided to go to the swamp for my first time and I saw a sarco. I knew it was dangerous but I decided since I had my little brother with me we could tame it. So we started shooting it with tranq arrows from our crossbows but it ran away. We were bummed but then we saw a stego. We decided we should come home with at least one tame so we knocked it out and tamed it. The taming took a while so when it was finished it was night. During the day I saw a therizino blocking the way but we were able to get past it. I really didn’t want to fight it considering what it did to my tek parasaurolophus. (A story for another time) We tried to swim past it, and did but then pirhannas started chewing on it and since it was dark we couldn’t see anything. Our stego was at a sliver of HP and I thought I saw one of the pirhannas and shot it but then... I got the message: You killed Stacy - lv. 25 (stego)! I accidentally shot Stacy in the foot. R.I.P. Stacy.

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