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The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Nerva’s Story

Part five

Nerva and his men approached the creature. The village was smoldering, and Nerva’s soldiers were worried. They approached the creature. The best way to describe it was a giant koala, but it looked savage. It also had armor and a weapon, but they were crude. Nerva commanded his men to shoot at it with their rifles, but it brushed aside the bullets, and smashed soldiers with its club. In the end, all of Nerva’s soldiers, were dead, except for Nerva himself. He looked straight into the creature’s eyes, and took out his pike. The creature roared at him, but Nerva stood his ground, bloody, bruised, and battered. He stabbed the creature right in its right eye, and partially blinded it. It roared in pain. Both of them limped away into the forest in opposite directions, knowing this wouldn’t be the last they saw of each other. Nerva was stranded in the same forest as Goliath, and his comm was broken...

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