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The Red Pike (Crossover)

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The Red Pike (Crossover)

Red Dragon

Part 1

Nerva looked over his legion. It had been amassed by his most loyal supporters. He wanted to accomplish what his Grandfather could not, and conquer the Ark. Gaius Marcellus Nerva had a huge army, sure, but not this huge. He saw almost a thousand soldiers, not even including the Trikes, Rexes, Carnos, Spinos, and Stegos. “Men and women of my army! We will conquer The Island, and every Ark! I am Vaius Marcellus Nerva, grandson of Gaius Marcellus Nerva! The Red Legion goes to war today!” They Marched off Far’s Peak, and went towards their first target. Herbivore island. They already had Mosasaurs, Rafts, and Plesiosaurs with platform saddles ready to transport them to herbivore island. This was the day, the day the Red Legion would be known as a name survivors everywhere feared.

Make sure you check out the other fanfictioners crossover, this will be an interconnected story. More info in white dye tips.

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