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The red pike

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The red pike

Nerva’s story

Part 3

By Red Dragon

The tentacles came out of the water, and pulled two of Nerva’s soldiers that were on his raft down into the depths. Nerva grabs his pike by the red grip, and skewers the tentacle closest to him. He heard it roar in pain below, and it retreated, but not without taking two more rafts down with it. His force had been weakened, but it was still strong. By the time they made it to herbivore island, it was the dead of night. Good. The cover of night would conceal them. They spilled out onto the island, and took both the farm and the dinosaur pen quietly. All that was left was the main base. Nerva instructed his troops not to do it silently. Gunshots echoed through the dark sky, and in the end, the Painted Sharks were no more. Nerva went over to the enemy leader and said “I know there is a Li on the island. You are the one who hired Mei-Yin Li six years ago. Where are they?” “I don’t know, I didn’t hire THAT Li.” “Execute him”

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