The Red Pike Season 2

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The Red Pike Season 2

Nerva’s Story Part 2

By Red Dragon

They both drew their blades on each other. Christopher Spoke first. “What are you doing here?”, He said. “I’m here to take down Tyrana. I assume you came here to kill me.” “No, I came here to dethrone Tyrana too, but I’d be glad to anyways.” A stegosaurus burst out of the trees. It walked over to Christopher, and walked over to his side. Spike growled. The two men walked towards each other, started circling each other, and their pets did the same. Nerva threw the first swipe, and was blocked by Christopher. Christopher tried to parry, but his blade was deflected by a downward swipe of Nerva’s. Meanwhile, the two gigantic beasts ran over to each other, and slammed their bodies against one another. The stego (whose name was Whiplash), threw a swipe of his tail at Spike, but it bounced off of Spike’s frill. All four of them stopped when they heard a roar in the distance. The unmistakable roar of a Giganatosaurus. Tyrana was near.

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