The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

The Wyvern King, part 2

Alas, today was a saddening day. My loyal human, who has taught me much, has died. Somebody, a human has disguised himself as one of us with his own wyvern, and now we will hunt him until his blood is spilled upon the sands of this hereby ARK. My guards will stay here protecting our eggs, and my scout wyverns, along with I will search for this humans shelter. Maybe, it will be well defended with turrets or spikes, but the search began. Now, I wait for my scouts to find something.

* * *

It had been only hours, and this home of this human has been found. I am going to fly to it and deal with this human, personally. I flew, high in the sky with the sands below me, and now we had gotten there. The base was of Adobe, and his wyvern lay asleep. My fire wyverns were to stay back, my poison wyverns would fill this shelter with deadly poison, and my lightning wyverns kill the traitor wyvern. It was time, and we all unleashed our breath upon this place. Once we made sure everything died, we headed back. A grave, a memory of this human was to be made by the trench. How could we let such a thing happen…

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