The Crystal Queen

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The Crystal Queen

Chapter 4

“We will take Flames with us. This traitor needs to be dealt with.” Said the Queen. “Very well then, Crystal. Do what you want, we have other problems.” Said Claws. As the wyverns escorted the ember wyvern to be killed, Flames tried to escape. They had finally arrived at the Crystal isles after being in redwoods. “We must call a meeting to let the wyverns see what happens to traitors.” Said the Queen. At the meeting, there were no younglings, as the Queen did not think they must see such a thing happen at their age. “This why you don’t be a traitor, and join the enemy.” Said the Queen. “He will now be killed.” As soon as the Queen said that, a blood wyvern starting killing the ember wyvern. “We can go now.” Said the Queen. 20 minutes later, at her palace, she wondered when the wyvern heirs would return to her palace to inform her of the route.

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