The Crystal Queen

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The Crystal Queen

Chapter 5

The three heirs had arrived at her palace. “We have scouted the area and there is not many creatures. Only a few herbivores and carnivores. We barely escaped from the giganotosaurus that lives there. The route may be viable if we kill the giganotosaurus.” Said the heirs. “Excellent. I will send a few of my warriors to kill this giganotosaurus. Then we can plan a attack on the survivor.” Said the Queen. “After the giganotosaurus is dead, I will send a few other wyverns to scout the survivor’s base.” Said the Queen. About 4 hours later, a warrior flew into the palace room. “A brute spinosaurus is attack the walls. We must stop him before he is able to get into the village.” Said the warrior. “We must stop him then. I will send a few more warriors to attack the spinosaurus

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