Terran Federation (new story by Lamprey)

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Terran Federation (new story by Lamprey)

Chapter 1

20 years in to the Terran federation Vs. URE war.

Well, where do I start? I’m on a mission, a data run with my trustworthy squad mates. My name’s John, and I’ll get to the others here in a sec-

Shots were fired. I turned around to see two enemy units in a tek suit. No surprise, it’s like tek gear is being mass-produced, is our leaders hiding something? Never mind. I shot back at them with my tek rifle. I heard two of the bullets burst, just before the other few, meaning I had hit some of them. This area was divided by a corridor, so it was going to be back and forth. I grabbed one of my tek gravity grenades, and whispered “get back.” Everyone heard me and got behind cover as I threw the grenade. Santiago designed some great weapons, no wonder everyone is taking advantage of them. My three other squad mates and I unloaded tek rifle bullets on our enemies that had been pulled in to the grenade, until they were dead of course. After they had died, I sneaked over and grabbed some extra element.

“You carry way to much reserve element, John.” Said one of my squad mates. It was Ryan. To sum him up, he’s the explosives guy and he’s a quiet person.

“I know.” I replied.

“We need to move on!” Whispered Julia. Julia was the hacker girl, or some crap. She’s the one extracting the data from our target. We moved on to the next room, strangely silent. Using my tek helmet would get us detected, and to be honest this was supposed to be more of a stealth mission instead of a “shoot’em all and leave” kinda situation. We all knew were close to our target, maybe it was in this room.

“I’ll walk in there, enter the room after you hear tek rifle rounds.” I said. Everyone silently nodded as I entered the room. Just then, I had almost screwed us over. Tek tripwire trap. These things are almost invisible to the human eye, but our tek helmets make it much easier to see.

“Tek tripwire.” I said, just loud enough for my squad to here. Everyone else entered the room and avoided the tripwire trap. We saw our target, and then Julia walked up to it, and then proceeded to hack in to it, or whatever it was. I don’t understand any of that coding stuff, but I guess it makes you look cool for some reason. And then the alarms went off. I heard Julia muttering something to herself, just before enemy units entered the room. This was gonna be hell of a fight.

(Just a note, hoped everybody like it, and this is probably going to be a better version of the original. Also I’ll introduce the fourth squad mate in the next chapter. -Lamprey)

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