The Aberration

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The Aberration

Chapter 3 (the final chapter to this short back story.)

The baby rock drake looked at feathers. Then it looked at its surroundings.

“Stay here.” Feathers said. Feathers glided down away. About 3 minutes later he came back with nameless venom.

“Drink this.” Feathers handed the jar of venom to the baby rock drake. The small rock drake drank the venom. Then it drank two more. The baby rock drake went to sleep.

Years later.

“Please let me explore deeper!” Said the rock drake who was once young.

“Fine. I guess you are an adult now. You may explore deeper Glider. Just don’t go into the element rivers or the rock drake den.” Said Feathers. They were in the blue zone. Nameless came out of the ground. Like usual, they just killed the nameless. But then more and more came. Then it became overwhelming.

“We need to get out of here.” Said Feathers. They glided to the element zone. They landed near an element river. More nameless were there. They killed as many as they could, trying to get through. And then a big army of nameless was blocking their way. Glider and Feathers saw a small island with a huge skull on it. They both climbed a bit higher and glided towards and made it.

“That was close.” Said Feathers.

“If this island wasn’t here we would have died.” Said Glider. Just then, a huge figure with tentacles arose from the big pool of element in front of the rock drakes. It roared at them.

“We need to go now.” Said Glider. The both jumped into the air, and Glider got onto a wall and climbed it. She looked back, and saw the huge creature taking Feathers into the purple liquid element.

“No!” Glider screamed. She knew that she couldn’t fight this beast, so she tried to get to blue zone. The beast’s tentacles were chasing her. Suddenly, a reaper Queen came out of the ground.

“I don’t have time for this!” Said Glider. She glided to another wall and climbed up it. She was finally in the blue zone. She ran a bit further. She turned around, and saw that the tentacle was following her.

“How long is this tentacle?” She wondered aloud. Just then, the tentacle wrapped around her.

“Help!” Glider screamed, biting at the tentacle with all her might. Just then, a fire ball hit the tentacle, freeing her from the beast.

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