The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Stalker’s story (lamprey’s second character)

A baryonyx ran through the swamp, trying to chase a gallimimus it had been hunting. Just then, another baryonyx blocked where the galli was running, stopping it from running. The poor galli had nowhere to run nor hide, and the two baryonyx killed and ate the galli.

“Nice cutting it off there.” Said Stalker.

“We can hunt anything, and it can’t escape.” Said the other baryonyx, who was stalker’s mate. A sarcosuchus swam by, almost sneaking up on Stalker.

Stalker quickly reacted to the sarco and ran to the water, and then hitting it with his tail, stunning it. The two baryonyx quickly killed the sarco while it was stunned.

“That was close.” Said Stalker.

“There’s becoming less and less creatures around redwoods, we should move to another place.” Said Tailspin. (finally got a name for Stalker’s mate.)

Tailspin told Stalker to follow her, and eventually they made it near the huge, green glowing obelisk. Then, Stalker heard something huge, most likely a spino. Stalker quickly looked around, trying to find the apex predator of the swamp. Stalker then heard a muffled roar that ended too quickly, and when he looked to see if his mate was fine, the spino was there, with a corpse that looked like a bary in it mouth, which it proceeded to eat.

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