Thanksgiving Feast

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Thanksgiving Feast

Chapter 3

Drake calmed himself down and tried to think of a plan. He rode past the turkey and his horse kicked it in the head. He rode past it again and again, until it fell to the ground. He slide off of his horse and grabbed the turkey. He had done it! He had killed a super turkey! It wasnt over yet though. He still had to be the first one back. He strapped the turkey the the saddle and rode off in the direction of the town. Almost there! Just as he was about to go into the town, a grappling hook shot down and snatched the turkey. He looked where it came from, and saw a rider on a giga had snatched his turkey.

"Who is that fellow on the giga?" An announcer asked.

"James Wilson" the rider replied.

"Well james wilson, we do not allow the stealing of turkeys, return the turkey to the man on the equus and be a fair sport." The announcer ordered.

James tossed the turkey to Drake and rode off. Drake ran into the town and was declared winner. People cheered and whistled, suprised that the underdog won. The sun fell down into the horizon and the night bell rang. Everybody went back to their houses, ready for the feast tommorow.


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