Ferra’s Dream

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Ferra’s Dream

Chapter 3

She remembered waking up. She hadn’t known where she was, yet, she knew who she was, and possibly, what she was. Her name was Ferra, she believed she was a ferox, but wasn’t completely sure, and somehow, she knew all the instincts for living in the wild. She knew all these instincts, but she couldn’t remember any of her memories. Her life before now, it was as if it never existed.

Ferra shook her head. Thinking about it would only confuse her. The sun was starting to set now. A beam of sunlight hit her necklace. Her spare piece of necklace. Ferra had found some rope at an abandoned human base, so she kept it. Ferra used the rope to make a necklace, she had found some element and tied it to the rope, I’m case she ever needed it. Ferra yawned and stretched her arms. How many more days was it till she was supposed to meet Fenic? Two was it? Yes, it was. Ferra shoveled some snow onto the fire to put it out, then went to her little hole in the ground to sleep.

Ferra found herself in the redwoods, once again, she had no idea how she knew what that was. She looked around. Ferra saw a flash, she quickly turned. It was the flame colored thyla from before, but it was...younger. She chased the thyla, but it was chasing someone else. The thyla was chasing a similar looking female thyla, its pelt a similar color, but not as orange. The flame colored thyla leaped off a tree, knocking the female one out of the tree. The two of them fell to the ground, it sounded painful, but they didn't seem to be affected. Ferra ran up to them to see if they were okay. As Ferra neared them she felt herself fading. Is this a dream? She wondered.


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