Ferra’s Dream

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Ferra’s Dream

Chapter 2

Ferra gathered sticks, then some flint. One by one, she picked up sticks. She held a small bundle in one of her small hands, and flint with another. Ferra picked up a few more sticks and walked home, her makeshift necklace thumping against her chest. Ferra set her sticks up to where they looked like a small cone. Ferra started a fire. Most animals couldn’t start a fire, but Ferra could. Ferra had come across fire when she was meeting with her friend, Fenic.

They were at their usual meeting place when some human came by, pointing at them. The human wasn’t exactly pointing at them, it couldn’t see them, due to the snow and their white fluffy fur, but her and Fenic wondered. What were they pointing at? “James! Will you listen to me for once? This is a perfect place to make a base!” Called the human. Fenic and Ferra stared in horror. “Run!” Yelled Fenic as they spotted another human riding a purple and pink t-rex. Fenic and Ferra had run, but then, they watched for a while. The humans had gathered some wood, and then used some flint to light a fire. Fenic and Ferra tried to do what the humans did. After a few tries, they created fire. Fenic and Ferra had then found a new meeting place and went their separate ways, at least until the next time they were supposed to meet.

Ferra watched as the fire twisted and turned. Popped and crackled. She squinted at the fire. She could see a thyla, almost the color of Flames, it seemed as if he was looking for something, someone. Ferra blinked and there was nothing more. It must have been a trick of the flames. Ferra sat, and thought the thoughts she usually did.


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