The Grim Raptor

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The Grim Raptor

Day 1

Ok, im writing this to hopefully help whoever sees this. My village has been dying one by one in the night. It started 4 days ago, when I heard a scream in the middle of the night. I rushed out of my house as quick as possible, many people doing the same, and saw one of the houses had a broken window. I carefully approached the house, and when i peer in through the window, i saw somthing I'll never forget. A body brutaly sliced in pieces, blood splattered everywhere. And looming over it, was a raptor shaped creature, but it had a flowing black cloak around it, with a giant scythe. It stared at me with its soulless eyes, before disappearing into thin air. I stare at the lifeless corpse, horrified. I come to my senses and back away. Someone walked up to the window, and when they saw the corpse, they gasped and fainted. I had gone back to my house and had a restless night of sleep. Present day, 4 people have died, brutaly sliced like the first death. Im hoping that someday we will catch it, but if we dont, maybe whoevers reading this can.

From Tom Smith


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