Ferra’s Dream

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Ferra’s Dream

Chapter 8

“of course it’s okay!” Fenic walked over to the middle of the cave and laid down, Ferra laid down next to him. They looked up at the ceiling, one of the only parts of the cave that isn’t filled with element. Ferra blinked. She nor Fenic were talking, she may as well take a nap. Ferra listened to the element whisper and hum, it lulled her to sleep just within a few minutes. Fenic noticed Ferra’s even breathing and sat up. He saw that Ferra was asleep, he smiled, and walked away.

She felt more element here, so much more than in the cave. She was…in a cave, a big cave, much bigger than the one she was used to. She knew there were a lot of element here, but she couldn’t hear it, she couldn’t even feel it, it’s as if it wasn’t there, yet she knew it was. A howl broke the silence, she slowly climbed up the hill looking for the source. There were redwood trees here, everywhere. Now atop the hill, she walked past the trees and towards where she thought the howl came from. Here, there were five weird looking creatures. The creatures had almost no hair, big teeth, feet, claws and ears, but they were no bigger than dire wolves, perhaps a bit smaller. Ravagers, a voice whispered in her head.


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