Rockwell’s Reign (Lamprey)

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Rockwell’s Reign (Lamprey)

Chapter 6

The pack of bonehounds had found a den to sleep in, it was quite large and belonged to something else, but it didn’t matter, the bonehounds could most definitely kill it. Most of the wounds that the bonehounds sustained weren’t too bad and were already healing, but the process would take much longer than it looked like. It was morning, time for another hunt. The bonehounds exited den as the beautiful sun was rising. If they wanted prey, they needed to be quick to find another survivor’s home, one especially with other creatures to feast on.

“If there were anymore humans around here, their either trying to hunt us down or already gotten out of the area, turrets are very loud.” Venom said, he clearly wasn’t confident about actually finding what they were looking for, but it was worth the try.

“Theres always a chance we catch wind of prey scent, or maybe even blood, don’t keep your hopes low.” Rusty replied to Venom. Rusty had a good sleep, which meant she was in a good mood, which was just what we needed.

“Quiet, I hear something.” Bone said. As Bone had said that, there was small movement behind him, something the size of a human could make.

“A human.” Deathhide whispered. Suddenly, an arrow flew through the air and hit Bone in the leg. The arrow was able to get pretty far in there, but its full potential stopped by thick hide. Another arrow came out, hitting bone again. The bonehounds quickly rushed towards where the arrows came from, Bone was furious about being hit by those. Deathhide saw a glimpse of the human, it looked like she had a bow and a small dagger. She was quick though, evading the bonehounds as she tried to kill them. Deathhide saw the human, and not only that but Deathhide had a good position. Deathhide leapt at the human, and pinned her. She quickly tried to reach for her dagger, but Deathhide quickly moved it away, still holding the human down.

“My dagger!” The human said. Did that human just speak in Bonehound language?

“You’ve enraged Bone, your death may be soon.” Deathhide said, seeing if he could get the human to speak more.

“Bone? How do I understand you?” The human said, surprised. Deathhide got off the human, keeping her weapons away as the rest of the bonehounds approached.

“That human speaks our language.” Deathhide whispered to Bone as he walked by, and then standing by his packmates.

“You speak my language. Why do you attack us?” Bone said as the other bonehounds surrounded the human. The human had no escape, and along with that the human had no weapons on her.

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