Rockwell’s Reign (Lamprey)

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Rockwell’s Reign (Lamprey)

Chapter 4 (it’s also deathide’s POV)

The pack of bonehounds were in the huge, grassy plains. A base constructed of metal lay in the middle of it, along with a few creatures and one heavy turret. The pack was hungry, so this would be their meal. Deathhide charged at the base, taking multiple hits from the heavy turret. He managed to get close enough to the base where the turret couldn’t shoot him, and took a quick look at his leg, which was where the wound was. His leg was bleeding, but not too bad, and along with that the outer-hide was a bit torn up. He’d only survived because of bonehound’s thick skin and hide, something to thank Rockwell for. Deathhide didn’t approve about disobeying Rockwell, or getting new pack members, but luckily the extra pack members idea was scrapped. Deathhide quickly glanced over at his pack mates, before looking over at the tames. A dilo, dodo, moschops, and a few raptors. Deathhide charged at the raptors first, quickly pinning one. The other raptor scratched and bit at Deathhide, but he had already sunk his sharp teeth into the raptor’s neck, and a little bit of the head. Deathhide quickly hopped off the raptor that lay dead, before quickly killing the next. He could hear movement behind him, and it was just his pack mates. A few turret shots, a scream, and then the turret went off. Deathhide looked over at his pack mates approaching him.

“Did you tear the survivor apart?” Deathhide said.

“Yes, and what about the tames?” Bone replied.

“I killed them all, we can eat.” Deathhide said.

The pack consisting of Bone, Deathhide, Rusty, and Pinkhide (I forgot but I think it was something similar to this? I’ll look back at chapter 2 after this.) ate the prey, and wandered off to wherever the next fight or adventure was.

(Also sorry for the late chapter, been a bit busy.)

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