Rockwell’s Reign (Lamprey)

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Rockwell’s Reign (Lamprey)

Chapter 2

A pack of four Bonehounds were feasting on two sarcosuchus, which were probably mates since they were both there when the bonehounds had killed both of them. The leader of the pack, Skull, begin to speak.

“I’ve really been thinking, and I think of figured something out.” Bone said, awaiting the others responses.

“And what could that be?” A darker-colored bonehound said, who was known as Deathhide.

“Our entire purpose is to kill survivors, yet all of them keep respawning. We have never made progress, and because of that, would if we disobeyed Rockwell and did something.. different?” Skull suggested to his pack.

“Disobey Rockwell? Are you insane?” Said Rust, a confident she that had skin the color of rust.

“If we disobeyed Rockwell, he’d skin us in an instant!” Said Venom, a quite strong bonehound. Deathhide stayed silent, attentively watching the responses, as usual.

“I know it sounds absolutely insane, but we could do anything instead of constantly traveling with no den to rest in!” Skull said. The group argued for a bit, until they eventually came to an agreement: if they were to disobey Rockwell and do whatever they wanted to, they had to expand their pack and let in different creatures.

“Bringing in non-bonehounds into our pack is dangerous, and therefor shouldn’t be be done!” Said Deathhide, in an annoyed tone.

“Deathhide, you are to do as your leader tells you.” Skull said, keeping a calm tone.

“Alright, fine. But what are we to let in, where are we to go?” Said Deathhide. The group decided it was best to travel around, and find different things.

(Sorry for a short chapter, this was just to set up characters and stuff.)

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