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The Crystal Queen

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The Crystal Queen

Chapter 30

The king made it up the metal wall, wondering how the rock drakes would find another way up. He continued further, and finally got to the throne room, the very bottom of the aberration, The dodoreaper’s lair. The dodoreaper got off his throne and said. “Only one challenger? I will defeat you easily and quickly.” “You do not know how strong I am, dodoreaper. We have fought through your armies, and I have made it to you.” Said the king. “You may have showed strength, but what about mobility and cleverness?” Said the dodoreaper. “I await you at the top of this challenge.” Said the dodoreaper. Then pieces of the floor started floating, and the liquid element in the room started to rise. The king jumped and glided from each platform until he had made it to the top. “You have passed the mobility test. One more test left.” Said the dodoreaper. “And that test... is to defeat me!” Said the dodoreaper.

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