The Crystal Queen

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The Crystal Queen

Chapter 26

The Queen went hunting in the morning for breakfast.(Yes, I know aberration is just a big cave, but the rock drakes still rest at specific times.) the Queen had caught a few ravagers when a survivor in full tek came to the rock drake Queen. “Hello there.” Said the survivor. “Hello. What do you need?” Said the Queen. “I’ve been sent into the simulation to tell you your in a simulation. You need to complete the challanges and then you can move on. Also for some reason the simulation glitched and the rock drakes refer to you as “Queen” but we fixed it and now you should be referred to as “King.” Understood?” Said the survivor. “This is all a simulation? What challanges must I face?”asked the king. “First, you must defeat the dodoreaper. You have already defeated the dodorex, but after the dodoreaper you have to face the dodowyvern. After that, you have to fight them all at once.” Said the survivor. “But you have more challanges before you can fight the dodoreaper.” Said the survivor. “Understood.” Said the king. “Now head back and complete your mission. We will explain more after you complete the simulation.” Said the survivor.

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