I had a rockdrake named Blueberry.

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I had a rockdrake named Blueberry. Blueberry was my favorite tame, my first rockdrake, and I had finally leveled him to max level. He was a blue primary and a yellow underbelly with purple feathers and blue and orange tips to them. I decided to move my base closer to the radiation zone, so I did. After that, my friend convinced me to go to all the other maps with Blueberry. So we did. I could not afford Genesis, but I had every other map. She noticed how strong Blueberry was and the bond between us.

"There would be better opportunities," she said, "you would have so much fun with Blueberry. You can bring Violet, too."

Violet was my bulbdog. I agreed.

First we discovered the mass of The Island. Then we dove into Ragnarok, next gliding the winds of The Center. Then we did Valgrueo, and I had a hint of homesickness after seeing the Abberation Trench. But I decided to go through all the maps I could, and tame as many as possible. I left Valgrueo and went to Crystal Isles, breeding wyverns so I could bring eggs back home. I got two Tropicals, an Ember and a Blood. Then, it was time for Scorched Earth. We ventured the sweltering mountains and wyvern trenches, soaring and climbing throughout. Once I had an army of tames, I decided for Extinction. But first, I went back to Abberation to bring all my friends and my tribe to Extinction. They all brought two tames. We wanted to defeat the King Titan. So we tried. We got everything needed, and we battled in the boss battle. I brought my crystal wyverns along. Hurricane, Storm, Vein, and Chroneo. Hurricane and Storm were the tropicals, Vein was the blood and Chroneo was the ember. We fought till the last breath, and won. Blueberry fought hardest. He was first to fight, and he did great. He needed to retire, so once we saved the ARKs, we headed home. Another tribe formed and raided us, failing horribly. But, sadly, Blueberry died. We had the biggest raid ever, and Blueberry fought to his last breath. Sadly, my beloved tame, died honorably. Luckily the murderers died in a horrible death. Blueberry was surrounded by reapers, and I can see why.

Wherever you are now,


You were the best tame. I loved you so.

-Crystal Lands Person (Look in Crystal Wyvern Stories)

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