Blood swept across the battlefeild as the terror birds ran into the fight.

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Blood swept across the battlefeild as the terror birds ran into the fight. The dodos didnt stand a chance against the survivors, but the terror birds might. They ran into the raging war, all of them from all the different ARKs came. The ones from Scorched Earth charged head-first as the ones from Valgrueo jumped from the trees and boulders, gliding and striking from above. The suvivors called for reinforcements as the terror bird king, a Raptor, screeched across The Island and called the Dodorex and Dodowyvern (the dodowyvern came with the terrorbirds from Scorched Earth) along with some raptors and more dodos. The dodorex came smashing through the trees at the Dodo side of the battle, reaching the feild where the battlefeild was and roared. It stomped through them and reached the humans. It blew fire across several tribes of survivors and killed many. The dodowyvern flew out of its hiding spot behing a towering rock formation and soared across, putting a shadow over the watching survivors. It attacked from above, leaving only a few behind.

The raptors and dodos rushed down a nearby hill and crashed into the battle. They wiped out the rest of the survivors quickly. The battle was done. The war is over. The dodos, raptors,terror birds and the big reinforcements all cheered happily. The dodos finally got revenge.

I hope you all liked the Story of the Dodo War. As always thank you for reading.


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