When the ARKs had lasted 20 years,

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When the ARKs had lasted 20 years,

The wyvernets will come.

When the land was soaked in crystal tears,

The wyvernets will come.

Find the tropic egg in deepest blue,

Wings of tropeo will come to you.

The largest egg in the center,

Will give you the wings of ember.

Search through the mud, for an egg the color of wyvern blood,

And hidden alone from the rival tribes,

The broken egg awaits unseen.

Of three obilisks that Splash, Bud and Burn, two shall fall and one shall learn, if it bows to a power that is crystal and higher, it shall have the power of Wyverns on Fire.

Five eggs to hatch on the Coldest Night,

Five wyverns born to end the fight,

Darkness will rise to bring the light,

The wyvernets are coming....

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