Two rockdrakes were put into a test zone.

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Two rockdrakes were put into a test zone.

This is a rockdrake nicknamed "magmasaur" and the other one is "managarmr" but we'll get to her later.

Magmasaur snarled as they pulled him into a cage. Once in, a giant tek wall fell over everything, and he could only see Managarmr through a glass panel. The room he was in heated up fast, he felt his talons growing to release heat, and his face became broader. Small holes in his back arose, making Magmasaur bellow with agony. His tail stretched out and his feathers burned to ashes. He fell on the floor as he awaited the 24 hour cycle of being in here. He turned to a scorched fire black with lava bubbling out of his holes. He soon became immune and his claws sharpened, now good for gathering rocks. He felt himself turn a comfortable heat state, like he wanted to live with this now.

Let's take a look at Managarmr.

Managarmr tried to claw the humans pushing into her into the cage, but she was tied down. They pulled the chain bola away and shut a giant tek wall door thing. She saw Magmasaur in the other chamber, writhing with pain. Managarmr shuddered, not just because of that sight. The room started to freeze, and as it got colder she saw her feathers turn into a more, leathery winged type. Her front talons merged into one to keep the heat in, and her back talons quickly spread out. A dark purple gas blasted her in the face as she felt her scales turn into fur and wires. She never felt so much pain. Managarmr grew wooden horns because of the gas, and then the door opened. Suddenly, the humans grabbed her with a chain bola and took hold of her haunches. They inspected it for a bit, then Managarmr felt a piercing pain as they struck it with element and cold booster feet. She got hold of herself and blasted icy breath onto the humans, making them freeze. She opened the door for Magmasaur, who looked worse. Beckoning him to come out, they went to their ideal environments across the universe.

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