So I was minding my own buisness, feeding my family of…

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So I was minding my own buisness, feeding my family of raptors when I realized my first and favorite raptor, Littleclaw, was gone. Ive had a cnidaria kill a carno before, so I was pretty protective and always checked the waters first. I put my base on an island guarded with spinos. I flew around the island with my ptera and sure enough there he was. He was surrounded by them and I quickly got off my ptera, stood o the edge of the grass and pulled my bow out. I took the m all out with about twenty arrows, and put him on follow. I got him to the infirmary (AKA the hatching/breeding/birthing place) and checked his health. Good, he still had most of his health, I thought. I fed him plenty of kibble and put my rex to protect the infirmary. Littleclaw made it, and he bred plenty of baby raptors with his mate, Simmerscale. I gladly retired him and now he sits in the deepest part of the base, protected with his mate beside him.

I hope you liked my story


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