I looked at the raptor with fierce determination.

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I looked at the raptor with fierce determination... Determination to get the trick outta there. The alpha called two of its friends and began to chase me. My sister ran with Atlanta back to base and put all our dinos on agresive. Jupiter's stamina went down, and we barely made it back to base the alpha and it's friend started to attack a trike, and I jumped on our bronto. My,sister led the charge, and I tracked it, occasionally steeping on it. One of the enemy raptors was killed, and the second ran. The alpha started doing not and runs, until it went in the water, and it didn't stay there very long because of scar, our sarco. Scar bombarded it until he hit it appears it went flying. All of our dinos ran it into a cliff, and it was stuck, until, we got the words we were waiting for: your Pasiphie, level 16 killed alpha raptor, level 1. We were so happy. We got its claw and new helmet skins. The whole battle took 20. Sorry for.posting part one twice. Dodoex was glitching out

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